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November 2021: Tips, eNews & More!


For most of us, November is often a month of change. As the weather gets colder and fall slowly gives way to winter, we rush to unpack our warmer clothes while trying to get started on our holiday shopping. Don't forget to also enjoy the warm fall sunshine, colourful changes in nature, or a cup of hot tea or cocoa to treat yourself in the moment. The daylight time change and the effects it can bring are also an adjustment to our day-to-day.

Speaking of hot coca, we tend to consume more hot food and beverages as winter arrives. Much like enjoying cold ice cream in the summer, sudden changes in temperature can trigger teeth sensitivity. This can be caused by a broken or decaying tooth, worn down enamel from grinding, or other factors. If you have been experiencing tooth sensitivity lately, contact us today so we can help you get to the root of the problem.

A Friendly Reminder: Use It or Lose It!

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, if your dental plan is based on the calendar year, benefits may not roll over into the new year and instead reset. So take advantage of your plan by getting a check-up, cleaning, or any other dental work you may have been putting off before year's end. Also, if you have more significant work that you've been holding off from starting, speak to us about options to split it between your 2021 and 2022 insurance allotments. Contact us today to learn more!


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Dental Implants: The Secret Saviour of Smiles


Did you know that among adults between the ages of 35 to 44, almost 70% have lost at least one permanent tooth? Losing permanent teeth is very damaging to a person's smile, and it's a common misconception that fixing a smile is something that is very costly and requires many trips to the dentist. Ever since the invention of dental implants (and mini-implants), millions of people around the world have used them to fix their smiles permanently, cost-effectively, and in fewer visits.

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Creamy Tuscan Chicken


November calls for a cozy warm recipe, familiar yet new and exciting. When it comes to chicken breast recipes, it is hard to beat a creamy Tuscan chicken dish. Be sure to have some bread on hand to enjoy with this creamy chicken recipe, because this sauce is delicious!

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