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Before & After Smile Gallery

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Smile One Before
Smile One After
oakville cosmetic dentistry
oakville teeth whitening
Old composite veneers needed to be replaced.
Cosmetic porcelain will resist stain and keep a lifelike appearance for a very long time.

Smile Two Before
Smile Two After
oakville dental bonding
oakville dental bridges
Old failing Crowns really detract from a smile
All cosmetic ceramic crowns restore a great smile.

Smile Three Before
Smile Three After
oakville dentures
oakville root canal
Our patient was comfortable with the gap between her teeth but wanted to improve the appearance of her front teeth while still having a natural looking smile.
We left a small space between the two new cosmetic crowns so she could keep the look she was comfortable with, yet look and feel better about her smile.

Smile Four Before
Smile Four After
oakville dentist
oakville family dentist
Metal showing and dull stained teeth were effecting the potential of this smile.
With crowns, veneers and whitening to complete this smile makeover our patient couldn't be happier.

Smile Five Before
Smile Five After
oakville cosmetic dentistry
oakville childrens dentist
An old cosmetic crown needed to be replaced and a less invasive veneer was all that was needed for the tooth to the left of it.
Two different restorations, a veneer on the right centre tooth and a crown on the left centre tooth. A great smile was the result.

Smile Six Before
Smile Six After
oakville teeth whitening
oakville dentures
Two new crowns!

Smile Seven Before
Smile Seven After
oakville root canal
oakville dental bridges
After missing a tooth for many years, it was time to replace it.
A dental Implant and Ceramic Crown were matched to the surrounding teeth with an outstanding result. Our patient was extatic with the results.

Smile Eight Before
Smile Eight After
oakville bonding
oakville family dentist
The centre two teeth had to be treated, the left one with an implant and crown, the right with a new crown.
The results are beautiful so far, the remaining teeth will by completed in the near future.

Smile Nine Before
Smile Nine After
oakville childrens dentist
oakville cosmetic dentistry
The results of a makeover will give you reasons to smile.

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