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eNewsletter Archive

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June 2021 - The "Ice Cream Toothache": How to Deal with Sensitivity to Cold Food and Drinks
May 2021 - The Connection Between Poor Oral Hygiene and Severity of COVID-19
April 2021 - Aging and Your Oral Health
March 2021 - Is Stress During the Pandemic Causing You Pain?
February 2021 - What is Mask Mouth?
January 2021 - Tooth Trivia: Test Your Dental Health Knowledge
December 2020 - What to Do During a Dental Emergency
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October 2020 - Is Your Smile Missing Something?
September 2020 - Is It Just Snoring or Is It A Sign of Sleep Apnea?
August 2020 - Back to School During a Pandemic
July 2020 - Staying Healthy at Home During a Pandemic
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