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Oakville Family Dentist - Cosmetic Dentistry
Oakville Family Dentist - Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Sedation in Oakville

Keeping you comfortable and relaxed during any dental treatment is so very important to all of us here. We are committed to making each and every visit as stress free as possible and with the use of today's excellent dental anesthetics and modern techniques, our patients have told us we are succeeding!

oakville family dentist Sedation

For those of you who need a little help relaxing, we offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation. You may have heard of this as "Laughing Gas". It helps make your time with us seem to pass more quickly. It is available for children as well as adults. We have found it to be a great help and very popular.  

Topical Anesthetic

A little swab of anesthetic gel is routinely used here to numb the surface of the gums before we use any Local Anesthetics.  People frequently comment on how that little touch made things so much more comfortable!

Local Anesthetic

oakville dentist Dental treatment today can be provided comfortably with the use of local anesthetics. Applied carefully with topical anesthetic, most find it easier than they expected. With different anesthetics available today, the numbness often subsides much sooner than in the past.

We take your comfort seriously and if you have any questions about dental anesthesia or sedation, please ask our Oakville family dentists on your next visit.

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